OEM Repair Facilities

Sometimes destruction of brand new electronics or equipment may be required by businesses.  The need for this destruction may be because:

1)    A part or model has become obsolete
2)    Product has been identified as faulty due to manufacturing problems
3)    Product is damaged during transit or storage

Arrow Recovery Group Inc understands the importance of ensuring brand destruction as many OEMs prefer to have their e-scrap operation take place at their own facility.  If requested, Arrow Recovery Group Inc will provide remote manpower at the OEM facility so that the client can personally supervise the e-scrap operation.  Our experience with supplying remote manpower to run e-scrap operations at OEM facilities with provide you with a great level of comfort.  You can concentrate on your core business while  Arrow Recovery Group Inc is handling your on site e-scrap operation.

All materials and equipment once destroyed will be recycled- with no landfill- and a certificate of destruction will be issued for each load.