Electronic Waste Recycling

Recycling unwanted electronics is not just the core of Arrow Recovery Group Inc’s business, it is also a reflection of our values as we understand the importance of keeping unnecessary toxins out of our landfills.  Our goal is to recycle all the electronic waste we receive into useful commodities, such as raw metals and plastics, without putting any addition strain on our precious environment.  Our ISO14001:2004 and R2:2013 certifications are proof of our dedication to maintaining the highest environmental standards.

By supplying an extensive range of e-scrap recycling services, Arrow Recovery Group Inc will customize an e-scrap recycling program to accommodate your business’ unique recycling needs.  At Arrow Recovery Group Inc, each project is assigned individual management oversight to ensure that our clients will obtain the greatest possible benefit from our extensive experience in all aspects of electronic scrap destruction and recycling.  By recycling your electronics with Arrow Recovery Group Inc, you can be confident that the maximum amount of environmental protection for your product has been employed, while at the same time we will make sure you receive the highest possible returns from our Revenue Sharing program.