OEM Repair Facilities

Sometimes destruction of brand new electronics or equipment may be required by businesses.  The need for this destruction may be because:

1)    A part or model has become obsolete

2)    Product has been identified as faulty due to manufacturing problems

3)    Product is damaged during transit or storage

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Electronic Waste Recycling

Recycling unwanted electronics is not just the core of Arrow Recovery Group Inc’s business, it is also a reflection of our values as we understand the importance of keeping unnecessary toxins out of our landfills.  Our goal is to recycle all the electronic waste we receive into useful commodities, such as raw metals and plastics, without putting any addition strain on our precious environment.

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Asset Inventory Management

With so many changes happening in today’s dynamic business world, asset management - or what to do with your functioning but no longer needed and out of date product, computers, and other equipment inventory has changed from a simple waste management issue to more complex and important issues involving security and cost savings.

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Welcome to Arrow Recovery Group Inc

ARG’s Fremont plant processes product material with assistance and additional services provided by their two other facilities located in Fremont & Los Angeles, CA.

ARG’s dedicated account manager and in-plant associates over see all aspects of the material recycling. ARG coordinates and schedules all freights services, loading, and in-plant labor as directed. ARG contracts reliable regional companies to ensure the highest quality of service.

ARG reports back material volume numbers on a weekly basis, utilizing email, web-based imaging, and spread sheet communication.


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